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Today i learnt of the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, i’m sad to say and I really want him to be remembered as a Great talent an enormous Giant of an actor, electric performances with incredible skill. It’s a lonely job though and we’re not all cut out for it… I once was going to be an Actor, to follow in the steps of Helen Mirren but people destroy you in the process, and i found i didn’t want to lose myself nightly in the intensity of BEING someone else. I also hated hte way other people could destroy you simply by calling oneself an actor they felt that gave them the right, hte right to destroy another human being. No only God has that right. No one else so don’t let them tell you. I wasn’t strong enough for all that and not cut out for it… He was an enormous giant of an Actor and i for one take off my hat to him.