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When i first started watching Breaking Bad i thought we might be in for a little quiet entertainment, and i confess to feeling a little bit perplexed anyone would want to make a Series for TV about all those things we’d be arrested for doing…. But it made us laugh out loud and now we’re feeling  a little guilty but onto Series 2 – well i’m frightened to open my eyes half the episode for fear of what i’ll see… Then well the Bad guy gets his come uppance and we hear the music roll and wonder how on earht they’re going ot keep it up for the next 10 episodes ! When i talked about it to my young they just said it was amazing and no i probably won’t like it but they thought it was brilliant ! Should we actually favour Tv programmes about Drug users, losers, and the Chemistry Teacher who has turned bad…?? Isn’t it morally wrong to watch the thing that may encourage Teenagers/ young people to take up Drugs…? Or is their very incompetence to deal with life on the Wild side enough to warn off the limp livered and the cowardly in us all and keep us safe from harm, i wonder??

Yesterday i said what a terrible loss to the World of Dramatic Arts losing a great talent like Philip Seymour Hoffman the Actor was, and yet he was hooked or so we are made to believe, hooked up by his crystal world his tin foil shiny elsewhere place of wonderland. Not one of us knows why such genius talents of the very young , the Amy Winehouse, the Jimi Hendrix, the Janis Joplin, the Jim Morrison, and the not so young are frightened to live without it, the Drink or the Drugs – but it often seems without their fix they cannot manage nor do they want to. 

Life to me has always been something sacred, perhaps because i’ve been so very near the edge of it on more than one occasion and peered over, and then come back, almost reaching the end of the dark tunnel by myself & also i’ve done that with my own child as well. To me, Life is God given, and no one else has the right to take it away from another except God.

I am not here to judge and i’m only nervous that if we find programmes like these so amusing – then perhaps we should be asking why is it are we watching them? Before i did watch at all, i thought it might be hypercritical to watch something that i didn’t really feel had the right to be made, but on the other hand, if i were inclined to make my living badly from drugs, by now this Breaking Bad would definitely have put me off for good !