I’m not sure we should have picked yesterday to return for a visit to friends and run errands in Geneva, the weather was appalling – visibility poor on the motorway and traffic  for once non existant going and foul and pretty heavy on our return… He had the easier task of driving to and me the horrible freezing fog and sleet snow warnings at 2 degrees on the high mountain pass across the valley of Titans back home again. Of course we used to think crossing this valley was coming into Genève and the route homeward, not for the faint hearted driving through the air, until just over a year ago. Most of our friends had scuttled away indoors, curled up in their warm apartments, even their dogs didn’t want to venture out, and half of them were quite or almost unavailable for Biz’ness either !

C’est la vie vendredi, as fridays are sacred to some, the time to wind down for a massage, take thé with a voisin, neighbour, break bread at mass, or a similar laid back activitiy. Very often, people leave their offices earlier in other lands, head off for Le Weekend, perhaps to take part in a Sport or view others so doing….

We had an odd day of wet gardens, flooding and muddy pavements with chilly winds and damp hats, gloves, feet. And sometime forgotten brollies/ umbrellias !  First i left it in the car, then the Car Insurance bureau, then i left it upstairs at a friend’s flat ! I’d told my husband i shouldn’t be allowed to take it in the first place… My own day was trying to close a Bank account, easier said than done en Suisse, although laying hands on funds was not so difficult….Trying to get the car legal..probably fine for another 6 months anyway, new Green card in hand to drive en France « Abroad » in Uk and out of Swiss jurisdiction.

The red tape is enormous and even the Banks have trouble understanding it for us, let alone we ourselves. It seems you cannot close an account till you have ascertained whether there will be any Tax  owing the état de Genève, even when you have no income, other than the housekeeping, now paid by one’s husband in another currency into a different account in another place… AND no longer any Rental income or any other income at all, unless you count pesky artist’s earnings, none anyway to mention in the last 12 mths that you can possibly think of, AND you haven’t actually used this precise bank account here in Swiss vicinity, except fo make transfers to your Deposit/ Savings account, tax taken at source surely like UK ? Nor has one made any inauspicious late investments leading to fraud or bankruptcy !

( We just had to sign a Disclaimer for the French Bank to say we wouldn’t dream of paying in any such funds to that account either… As if any self-possessed, self confessed Drug dealer / Manufacturer- see last Post on Breaking Bad TV series, would actually admit to the fraudulence of the same anyway! )

Frankly I despair of ALL Authorative states, rather in the way of the book i’m currently reading, with Philip Pullman’s characters Lyra and Will, stumble in and out of each other’s worlds, in the Subtle Knife – the second in the Trilogy of – His Dark Materials, and the wretched quasi religious?? Magisterium- but is it indeed ?? Those like Mrs Coulter, who want to run and ruin both children and adult’s, everyone’s lives, their fun…. and put a dampener on anything unearthly like Dust, Angels, Witches or Spirits. I’ve always thought Rules and Regulations over-rated since about the age of 4 when i can barely remember walking home from Sunday school with my fair isle Beret pulled down firmly no doubt, and telling my family i wouldn’t be going there again, i’d found it far too prescriptive and dull and the Bible was full of marvellous stories wasn’t it ? !

As long as i can remeber then, I’ve never been partial to being TOLD what to do and consequently never really accepted anyone’s authority over me. My parents excepted perhaps. That’s not to say i’m a very brave person or Not a bit afraid of authority now and then, it simply means i want the chance to work it out for myself, and generally by myself…

Sometimes this has made for very grave difficulties in life, sometimes for occasional out of pocket expense, particularly when i failed to see the relevance of handing in my Taxes on time, but really i’m only following in my Father’s footsteps for he was not one to suffer fools at the Accountants office nor at HM Inland Rev. I once knew a very affable chap, a really gentlemanly English Solicitor, who in latter years worked for HM Rev. but unfortunately for hiim & his beloved family, now he has Alzheimers’ or Senile Dementia, about 10 or 15 yrs before his time… Not fair we reckon nor much of a Retirement present in general.But how many does this happen to , who work so hard and dutifully never taking a day off, always there to help their clients or colleagues, not much  of a reward for a life-time’s diligence you’d think….

I do sincerely hope my husband and indeed my brothers, will be allowed some pleasant years to come of Relaxation, trips to the SPa, swimming, Walking the Dog, Cycling around the Rural French and English and even Californian countryside with or without son, daughters, grandchildren…

We spent a very happy evening together last night at least, foot tapping and smiling along to a Blues evening of Piano and Electric guitar in a corner café on the rue de Merle d’Aubigny, Geneva,  just between the Parc Eaux Vives, beside the Lake, and Mont Choisy en the bus routes 9,1 and/ or the 2, and 6 going down from Eaux Vives itself. It seems they hold these small Soirée about 2 nights a month and we were very lucky to get the last 2 places, all the others had been booked in advance – we were well fed by a lovely young woman and her assistant, entertained and happy, before and after the small Concert – and yes, we were almost home by Midnight !