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Must have been one of the wettest weeks on living record….Datchet underwater – what a good thing the Queen lives at Windsor Castle on top of a hill…said my Mum earlier on today.Indeed, fortuitous, although of course the wise man, as in the Bible, always builds his house upon rock never on the sandy riverbed or beside the sea…Always at the top of  a hill on top of rocks, mountains, on higher ground ! The Thames barrier is doing its’ job in London town and keeping the water at bay, but further West it cannot do the same…

My husband says the british have a new kind of Environment minister, one that Does NOT believe in Climate change, one who foolishly has removed something like 30 posts once filled by beavering civil servants who all knew perfectly well thta hte Scientific evidence was there for all to see and in fact my husband was one such. He about ten years ago worked for Tony Blair, althouhg it took the Prime minister of the day about 6 or 8 years to ask my husband to breakfast, Number 10 did put his name up for  aGong after 30 years of beavering…not all of it for tony not all of it for Environment but it was my husband who celebrated the Novbel Peace prize going to his Indian team of Scientific researchers for their massive help in finding out about climate change. Apparently it is now UNFASHIONABLE again and we’ll be the ones to perish at Datchet and other places underwater – not to mention half France as well…Newbury’s not too great – but our MP Richard Benyon is supposed to be working for this lousy new minister perhaps he should point out the geese living in our grazing sheep and cattle feeds… After all Englefield green estate’s profits will be going down the drains if our Environment ministers do nothing… I’m reliably informed Climate change does exist it’s perfectly plain to see if you know anything about rural places in UK particularly. But what about all the other places wiht freak weather ? Winter olympics at 64 degrees in Russia for example.

I mean it’s obvious to everyone who isn’t  a politician isn’t it ? When will they learn ? I’m also told it’s hugely unlikely Cameron will get back in – so who WILL we get in UK ‘s No 10 then ? Not Labour surely with those people who stab their brothers in the back? Surely not UKIP whoever they are or what do they believe in… ? Freak weather is here to stay, and you need to understand that unless you can start to do something about it the people of Europe and the World are simply NOT going to take you seriously Let alone England and Great Britain. So my dear Smarmy pants MPs who deign to ignore it – think again …. It’s my grandchildren aged 10 and yours, unborn, who will pick up the pieces and try to build their houses on safer firmer ground, both environmentally and politically for a VERY Very long time to come….So put that in your pipe and smoke it  – be blasée Mr Tory Politician at your PERIL !