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I seem incapable of waking up anymore. Except for a call of Nature as hte men call it !
What is it about typing up Ancestral relations for generations that gives me a kind of Sleeping Sickness do you think ? Anyone out there – do let me know….

We’ve gone from sombre days and deep winter to SPring overnight here…Yesterday was 12 plus degrees ! And  we sat on our terrace gazing into the blue skies and sunshine, scribbling a ragged hedgerow for the next collection in my sketchbook perhaps. I want to play with Black silk and natural colours and capture some grasses swaying. We have a lovely big fat clump of Pampas grasses – do they still grow out on hte Prairie i wonder ?

The daughter’s doing her Driving Test as we speak – i wonder how she’s getting on? She’s hte one who hates and scrapes throuhg exams and did much better with coursework – i’d have done better if we’d had that in my day… However i blame the Blair Govt for ruining and de-basing the currency of A levels. These used to be well respected world wide now you have to have an International Baccalaureate i believe to be taken seriously…Oh that we had made her stay in geneva for schooling but at 2 girls to 20 boys and everyone had their friends already when she arrived aged 15 gauche and shy in February, that wasn’t going to happen. We made the mistake of sending her home to re-take the year . Eventually got brilliant GCSE’s could like her big sister 15 yrs previously have done ANY A level course from 3 Sciences, to Languages, Maths you name it…Instead of which she didn’t take them. She has half or Year one A levels. or ASs as they are uncomfortingly called…I suspect she’d have scarped an A and two Cs at least – but she wasn’t even allowed to try. I’m not sure what one pays School fees for, I certainly wouldn’t call them value for money. On Average about 250k of their grandparents money, should have lived in the house and gone on nice holidays and sent them to a day school in a decent Midlands town like Leamington Spa – oh well. here we are broke and bereft, missing our girls,  as no one really wants to live in France do they….? Anyone for a French University perhaps. 600€uros a Year i believe Not 9 grand ! How do they work that out i wonder ….?