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One day it’s warm, Spring sunshine sort of warmth, Let’s plant the Daffodil Bulbs sort of day, 12 to 14degrees – The next it’s COLD freezing i mean 8 deg and i need a toastie, a Hot waterbottle in bed and i can’t get up in the morning i don’t want to leave my burrow sort of freezing!

What IS Going ON we say Dear Lord what’s happenning to our weather please help us find out ? Can we do somehting about it ? Well yes, you can switch off a boiler, stop going places by car and aero plane, take a break & stay AT HOME ! Be a 70s Hippie Earth Mother Learn to grow your own veg again even if you only have a window box of herbs and Tomatoes in a Grow Bag ! Take time to bake a cake, bread , although that’ll never happen here in France, hang out the washing STOP using every machine known to man, stop wasting the Electric the war on waste is here. Don’t leave lights on , TAPS RUNNING  or they’ll run dry…

Aah well. We finally Christened our Dining table with French new friends last night, first Dinner party -fish pie for 4, with prawns and carrots, mashed potato, kept it simple, local bread, all in our big Music room with its fab Arch window. Apple Tarte au pomme from a local bakery. New fire blazing with logs, background heat – the most ecologically friendly granular wood burning boiler, underfloor heat. Only heats to 16 deg so you have to keep busy or light  a log fire to bring up the temp ! See we do do as we preach… All 4 of us clamber into our Renault after 8.30pm and hot foot 20mins into Bourg-en-Bresse , Ferme à Jazz to hear the Magnetic Orchestra ! ONly an Ensemble of 3 with a lovely young singer, with maximum Sex Appeal my husband apologized this morning to finding her very appealing ! Fantastic Voice – Think Cleo Laine crossed with Edith Piaf – We think Anne Sila will be the next BEST thing ! THeir new album is out on 10th or 12th March Watch this space! A very enjoyable evening spent there, they do have Bar drinks in the Interval and at Xmas and New Year served Vin Chaud – mulled hot wine! BUT I wish they’d serve Diner and let us Dance we all wanted to…. And she had us eating out of her hand till almost midnight – in the door, Bonsoir friends, SLeep tight.