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I wanted to write about Norland and how unreliable their judgement was – but that would be unfair to all those wonderful girls who become Norland Nannies. It’s just the management i have  a bone to pick with really…

My daughter is now working ina  Late-night Bar weekends and waiting to get an ordinary Office job. She’s had it with Nannying for now…Even after qualifying and having at least two decent jobs she’s had so many Bad Luck jobs with apppalling dreadful employers that she’s given it up for LENT. They seem all hell-bent on being mean or unfair… Two let her go for not getting washing in out of hte rain at ten o clock at night and the baby falling asleep in its’ car seat with its’ head lolling ! She had trouble with them almost immediately…Ghastly mothers who wouldn’t allowe her to be the Professional Nanny that she was Trained to be?

Very strange this new breed of mothers who have  athird child then go back to work too soon, expecting a young woman to stay home to feed on demand…with expressed breast milk ? MADNESS! One set of Solicitor parents, yes that intelligent supposedly, didn’t ebven give her  aDoctor’s telephone number or let her take a crying baby for  a check up ! What did her college say to that ? 
OH It’s the Mother’s perogative isn’t it how the baby gets fed ?  No i don’t think so ! He was starving himself waiting for Mum to show up with her Breast Milk ! You know why ? Because the milk in the bottle , althouhg breast expressed was given after Friday , Saturday, Sunday of Breast Milk from the Breast ! Silly selfish Solicitor mother was going to work Mon to Thursday and expecting poor baby to have a bottle those days BUT not giving  abottle even once a day the days she was home again.

Answer – One very confused Baby and one very tired and completely defeated Norland Nanny. For whom Norland refused to find another probationary post – no fault of the nanny here at all….

I should have written to the Queen, and Princess Kate , i knew i should have done so. Aah well. Our Nanny got her Maternity course Training last summer as she couldn’t find  a job. Most London positions now are 3-4 days a week, live-out and so people not from London can’t afford to take them. Rents are too high, public transport too expensive…

We’re the ones suffering. The Nanny’s father has returned to work and the mother, that’s me, is thinking about returning to Teaching, if only Special Needs, part-time…I don’t know what the world’s coming to.

Perfectly well trained people are not finding jobs that pay and older members of their families are having to continue to work instead of Retiring. We’ll all be 70 now before we STOP work – what’s that about please?