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Noah was too bloodthirsty for my taste – my husband tells me there really is a co-relation between bloodthirsty films and games and crime figures, they have proved this now – so why do we allowe it ? I’m not sure we should….I wouldnt want my grandchildren to see this new one, it’s too gory even for me….

My daughters seem unaffected by these things BUT the next generation of 10 or so plus should still be protected by us their elders because we owe it to them to give them an innocent childhood. This seems to get shorter as time goes by. I’m not ready for Sarah & her brother tp grow up just yet.

What about the Hobbit that too was too gory and i found myself not wanting to look at those oh so ugly creatures… Must they make movies as graphic as this? We were able to hide behind the sofa and peer at Dracula, Frankenstein all those golden oldies…Was it because they were shot in black & white perhaps and that we were not immersed in a warm bath of blood each time we saw a « Horror » or « Adventure » movie? I’m not sure…

Russell Crowe’s Noah is well done – but i recall the drunken-ness of Noah was to get his own daughters pregnant in the Biblical version wasn’t it ? As there were no other women about. Whereas Poor little Emma Watson here is petrified he’ll murder Shem & her new born children? Where did that come from? I don’t ever recall Noah being so bloodthirsty or cruel, other than leaving the rest of  mankind to drown and didn’t his own sons all have wives, prior to setting off in the Ark ?

Oh well, i don’t recall Ray Winstone’s character either, but this all made for some exciting conflict i presume for the cinematographer to picture for us. No doubt they’ll pick up some prizes if only for the marvellous bad knitting costumes and the special effects – i love the landscape – who knows where it was shot ? Please tell me.

Yet another young glamourous celebrity found dead this last week – when we went into our local pub fro a relaxing drink, there it was all over the screen, young mother of 25yrs dies in unexplained tragedy. I told Ken the publican, we can never stop worrying about  our young really can we? My heart goes out to the Geldofs, a family with more than their fair share of tragedy to cope with over the years, poor Bob and his daughters and Peaches’ own husband and sons – their lives will never be the same again and i only hope they can forgive her for leaving them bereft. Perhaps she will now be re-united with her own mum and can forgive her indeed for leaving them.