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Well has become my official ART Shop selling Lino cut prints and Art for the Interiors of those who like it. My Silks are to be had at the other Boutique there called like this the English Rose only in French ! Please help save my sanity by telling me you read one or the other from time to time….

I’m signed up to several Etsy fellow makers Blogs and jolly entertaining and encouraging they are too…BUT I’m getting NO Visitors ZERO on here…Is the Answer in the Name or is it simply No one knows i exist yet ??

Maybe I need to call this Artist’s grotto or Gather up ye Christian men or Hark hark those Dogs do bark ?? I’m not sure.

Grandissment Growing pains more likely – Noki is going to be tall and thin and rough coated our dear little new puppy is no longer as cute simply enchanting and very funny. Almost the funniest thing yet was Mr Darcy her stable mate, my Dandie Dinmont who also sleeps in the kitchen / not the yard like most French guard dogs… He climbed right into her Den the metal barred caged variety and went to sleep there itself— I nearly couldn’t put Miss Noa Noa to bed Sunday night as he was in it….

Aaah well ! My husband said, that’s because he saw her vein gfed there earlier, he thought if i wait there long enough he’ll feed me too !! Some hope Darcy Derwent – think again Unfortunately i went up to bed myself and forgot to take his photo in there! It would have been good too !