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AND AFTERWARDS we had a walk around the historic town with it’w new and old bridges and my husband bought our steak & pommes frites at the Quai Bar before heading back our 3hr journey homewards.

IT WAS FUN to meet another french artistic family and i thought we’d driven a distance but no they had come from Canada ! A grannie & her daughter, from the Loire region- 7 hours drive to see their grandmother who was visiting for the summer, a mum and 2 boys 11 & 12 and baby left with Dad while they & I had an enjoyable afternoon with encaustic paints,handmade by Sophie who showed us how to heat them with blow torches and heat guns ! Making a picture on a wooden board support about 30cm or 12ins square or a similar rectangle. I thoroughly recommend her laid back teaching style, en français, though she often re-explained for me in English if i didn’t understand.

One boy made  a boat sailing on a still blue shining sea, the sun so bright and the threatening submarine lurking beneath the waves! His was towing a great whale or fish….Then he added a photocopied image of a fabulous Dragon in the sky !

The furry friendly husky dog had this name too – Dragonne ! He didn’t look as hot as i felt…

And it gave us a reason to explore a region we’d love to go back to, Romains-sur-Isère is closer to the Rhône Alpes than us and is in that Département !

Sophie herself with her business partner Florence had prepared all the little patty tins of paints, cooking them up in her purpose built Studio with wonderful facilities. She can have 5 or 6 people like us to learn this craft at a time and although we’d not met her or each other before, we were welcomed with coffee and tea and lots of thirst quenching water, on a rather hot 30deg day in a country village just outside the historic place… between Valence and Lyon.

Sophie Van Moffaert has her wonderful exciting collage work for sale at . Here she & i met – where indeed my own SILK Painting and scarves are also for Sale –

Please Come over and see my own Art work as it happens, mostly Photography and Lino cuts just now at