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My third grandchild was due today but didn’t show up on time, first babies are generally about 9days late. Lately our friends expecting have had Gabriella and Sebastian, one induced and one by caesar as a breech baby, the next due is already ten days late with an induction booked for Thursday…. Perhaps my daughter’s child will be the entirely Natural birth she has planned for.

It seems she wants everything natural. All the first size clothes are natural and neutral and at first i was only allowed to knit white, cream or oatmeal….I did get bored with that ! And soon introduced fairy rainbow colours which make fair-isle patterns of their own – we have ready two tiny card’s one neutrel and one fair-isle , two tiny hats and bootees to match ! Now we’re onto the really bright zazzy orange and vibrant pink rainbow with blue and green so fit for unisex ! As we’re the only member of the NCT group without knowledge of the sex of our baby to be.

We have worked hard at building the crib and the wardrobe – both flat pack ! And the bean bag chair – stuff it yourself with polystyrene beads (not to be recommended nor swallowed by the dog…) ! Don’t want to have to do that again … We’ve ordered the pram as we’re so so fussy about colour and design when it’s not ours ! And nearly all of them in every shop were over £500 each … We seem to have negotiated a deal with carry cot and car seat included thankfully.

Even the dog is fed up with the state of the Dining room and climbed into the Birth pool and got stuck there one early morning and shrieked to be helped out again !

We can’t wait to greet this new addition to our family and hope it won’t be too much longer, the freezer is full and the fridge had a clean today; we’ve finished sewing buttons onto the knitting and nearly run out of baby yarns. We’ve washed all the nappies and folded the cloths, time to go to sleep and dream… I dreamt i took my 21yr old to school again last night, she was about 6.